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nightside ramblings

babblefish and biscotti

lazy myspace profile c/p job:

I guess this is where I talk about myself and make it sound as if I'm far more interesting than I really am. I'm not so good at that.

I like words. I like them a lot. I love literature, film, and music. I'm just like everyone else, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I like to smoke cloves when I write in my moleskin. It doesn't make me a better writer, but I suppose that it makes me feel like one. If I really want to spice things up, I'll have a glass of sangria or a bottle of blue moon. Or whiskey. Whiskey sounds edgy.

I really like lists. And camels. The camel thing is a long story, but one day I'll be a famous camel jockey. My friend's sister is the only person I've ever known who believes in that dream as much as I do. Wru kassy.

I work at a pretty laid back deli in Tallahassee. It's called Looper's. It's been family owned for almost thirty years, which is pretty sweet I guess. I like independent things.

I like songs that are full of hope. I like nice pens, and non-holiday oriented christmas lights. I like my little brother. He's the goods.